We offer a simple-to-use and secure web-based editor. After uploading your own static background just add the items directly from your Loxone Miniserver’s menu system. Enjoy the unlimited number of plans and the increasing number of supported Loxone function blocks.

Download VIZDOM mobile application free from iTunes or Google Play

How to use your VIZDOM visualisation on mobile?

Before using the mobile application please note that you have to create an account via the desktop editor and setup a Plan.

If you already have a valid VIZDOM account please follow the steps below and enjoy your visualization on your mobile device.

  1. Please log into your VIZDOM premium account on a desktop device and create your own visualisation. Learn how to setup a visualisation.

  2. Download the VIZDOM mobile application from iTunes or Google Play.

  3. Please log into the mobile application with your VIZDOM account data.

  4. Choose one of the premium Miniservers that you’d like to use.

  5. The download process of the wished visualisation might take a few minutes please be patient.

  6. Please enter into your Loxone Miniserver.

  7. Enjoy your VIZDOM visualization.

In order to connect VIZDOM to your Loxone Miniserver the server's firmware version needs to be at least


Learn more about VIZDOM mobile application