In our opinion Loxone is the perfect system for home automation and you probably agree with us. People at VIZDOM believe in its strength and position on the market of smart building automation systems. We are eager to add our own ideas to Loxone’s to make user experience better than ever before.

We built on this core idea when we started to dream about our system and now we are happy to introduce our complex but easy-to-use visualization to everyone who operates smart buildings or luxury dwelling places. We’ve been doing home automation jobs for many years and became experienced in every kind of needs which an integrator have to face if a visualization project runs hand-in-hand with automation.

For VIZDOM users free support is guaranted whenever they need it and they can also try VIZDOM for free with the DEMO account.

Development will never stop. We constantly work on new functions to create the ultimate tool of custom made visualization for all Loxone Miniserver user out there.
— Andras Schmidt