New functions&redesigned controls

Since the launch of VIZDOM, visualization for smart buildings and luxury dwelling places, in August 2015 the software has been upgraded with new functions and redesigned controls. We proudly announce that the latest upgrade of this easy-to-use custom visualization project for Loxone Miniservers provides more beautiful and more customizable visualizations than before.

Let’s see the changes.

The controls which you can use in the visualization have been completely redesigned. Now these are not only looks better but you have far more options to customize.

These control properties can be customized:

  • You can change the color of controls (only for certain controls or the whole control block).

  • You can change the color of popup windows (default colour or the colour of control block).

  • There is an option to group controls (up to 4 controls).

  • You can change the size of controls (5 different sizes).

  • 18 different control icons are available you can choose the most approperiate one. (More icon are coming soon.)

How to use new functions?

In plan editor you can find a new ‘Theme’ tab on the left-hand sidebar. Here you can select the desired size of controls, set default control colors and the appearance of popup windows.

Popup window options:

  • Default settings: popup window use deafult color set above. Primary color is the backgrond secondary is the color of the icon and text.

  • Customized settings: you can choose unique color of the popup window.

If you select a control in canvas section, a new ‘more options’ button appears in the header. You can customize the selected control after clicking on ‘more options’ change the color and icon or switch to default color settings as well. 

Probably now you are keen on trying all of new functions click here and try them now.